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Team Page General Team Donation
Welcome to the Team Page of
The Brooklyn Hospital Center - 9864

Thank You.

Thank You

Team Members:
Total Raised$2,518.75  
General Team Donation$948.75  
Nancy Daniels$0.00  
   Carol Alexander-Green$0.00  
   Rebecca Arcebido$25.00  
   Brett Bastas$225.00  
   Jolene Bastas$225.00  
   Diane Benjamin$0.00  
   James Billingy$125.00  
   laray byrd$0.00  
   Gregory Celestin$0.00  
   Agnes Cha$20.00  
   Kim Clarke$25.00  
   Rebecca Cope$0.00  
   Eunice Cruz$0.00  
   Janet Goldberg$200.00  
   Kyin Hmwe$0.00  
   Lisa Khaleque$0.00  
   Jennifer Lee$450.00  
   Andrew Lerner$0.00  
   Khin Naing$0.00  
   Gina Perpignan$0.00  
   Tony Perpignan$0.00  
   VIDOR PIERRE$0.00  
   Irma Pierrot$10.00  
   Nephtalie Pierrot$10.00  
   Shadrack Pierrot$10.00  
   Shnider Pierrot$10.00  
   Tamahina Pierrot$10.00  
   Iris Pizarro$0.00  
   Althea Porter$0.00  
   Clive Porter$0.00  
   Muhammad Rauf$0.00  
   Susana Rodriguez$0.00  
   MARIE L./ ROMULUS$0.00  
   lisa russak$50.00  
   Adrienne Smith$0.00  
   Nashawn Taylor$0.00  
   Yu Thar$0.00  
   Nadege Tougard$175.00  
   Micheal Williams$0.00  
   Daquan Young$0.00  

Questions? Suggestions? Contact us at (212) 807-WALK or email awnyinfo@aidswalk.net
Created and produced by MZA Events.
AIDS Walk Founder/Producer: Craig R. Miller © MZA Events, 2014

Special thanks to AIDS Walk photographers Donna F. Aceto, Lead Photographer; Joao Brandao; Kenneth Camarillo; Jeffrey Chan; Adam Fredericks; Fred Goldsmith Photography;
Amos L. Gregory; Sam Lembeck; Sarah Pederson; Carlos Rodriguez; Brett Spigelman, Jennifer Calias Smith; and Byron Theirry.

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